Other Rules and the standard Community Use Rules and Regulations;

All youth members must be adequately supervised at all times by their parents/guardians. 

Members must not arrive at the facility before the scheduled start time and must vacate the facility no later than the finish time. 

Outdoor footwear and food and drinks are not permitted in gym.

Community Use of Schools (CUS) Rules & Regulations Facility & Equipment

Participants must wear non-marking, soft-soled shoes in gymnasiums.

● Use of school equipment is limited and must be returned to its proper storage area after use and the facility must be returned to its original condition. Failure to do so will prohibit future use of equipment and school facilities.

● Tables and chairs must be requested on the permit request at the time of submission.

● User groups may be required to assist the custodial staff in set-up, take down and clean up for their event.

● Use of showers is NOT permitted.

● Permission is required for the use of microphone, audio and/or stage lighting equipment. Technician fees will apply.

● No advertising may be posted in, or circulated through, the schools without prior approval from the school.

● Ball hockey, floor hockey, or any sport involving sticks on the gym floor is prohibited.

● Members of your group are responsible for viewing the facility space to ensure the activity can safely take place. If you feel the conditions are not safe, stop your activity and advise the custodial staff immediately.

● No Open Flame – Open flames, including but not limited to incense, candles, lanterns, open flame burners

● Lighted candles and open flames of any kind pose a serious threat to school facilities and are therefore prohibited in all school facilities.

● Doors must not be propped open.

Food & Drinks: Food & Drinks are not allowed in our gym facilities.


Aggressive behavior and coarse language will not be tolerated.

● Smoking is prohibited on all school premises.

● The permit holder is responsible to ensure none of their group’s member’s smoke on school property. Violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of permits.

● Vaping is prohibited on all school premises. The permit holder is responsible to ensure none of their group’s member’s vape on school property. Violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of permits.

● Recreational cannabis possession and/or use is not permitted on any school property. Violation of this policy will result in the cancellation of permits.

● Participants must be adequately supervised at all times and must remain in the permitted spaces only (e.g. gym). Permit holders are responsible for youth activities and must have an adult supervisor in each permitted space (including dressing rooms and change rooms) at all times while in use.

● No criticism of any religion, gender, ethno-cultural, race, language or culture shall be expressed at any meeting. No treasonable, disloyal, subversive, or seditious meetings will be permitted or such views expressed at any meeting.

● Permit holders are responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons affiliated with their events and must ensure that school regulations are observed.

The school does not assume liability of injuries, loss or damage to persons or property.

Permit holders will in no manner pledge the credit of the School Board and will save it harmless against any and all claims for damages against persons or property which may be brought during or as a consequence of this agreement or the occupation arising thereunder.

The school reserves the right to take any action required if accommodation and/or facilities provided are damaged or left in unsatisfactory condition. Costs resulting from damages will be charged to the offending permit holder.

Refusal to Comply:

Refusal of permit holders to comply with the school procedures and policies will result in the cancellation of permits at no cost or liability to the school.

● Community Users are responsible for all costs associated by the accidental triggering of an alarm or security system.

● All exits must be kept free from obstruction in case of fire. Fire routes and driveways shall not be blocked. Failure to comply may result in ticketing and/or towing.

First Aid Kits:

The organization is responsible to bring the appropriate first aid materials to assist its members in the case of injury.

AED’S (Automatic External Defibrillator) – AEDs are in every active school and administrative building. Please ensure your group is aware of the location of any AED’s to ensure quick access in the event of an emergency.

Only school custodians may adjust, modify or alter mechanical equipment such as fans, folding partition doors, basketball winches, bleachers or gym partitions and dividers. Participants will vacate the gym while the custodian ensures the divider is safely in place.

Permit holders must contact the Chief Custodian to familiarize themselves with fire routes, school equipment and emergency equipment.

Due to safety concerns please note the following:

● Nuts and nut products, shellfish and latex (e.g. balloons) are common allergens and pose a significant health risk to students and community members. Avoid bringing these materials into school facilities.

● Youth are not to be involved in handling and moving tables or any other furniture.

Asbestos Advisory:

Older buildings within the School Board may have asbestos in some of the construction materials found within the room(s) you have booked. A complete list of asbestos containing material (ACM), if present, can be found in the Asbestos Inventory Log Book in the Chief Custodians office. As the permit holder, it is recommended that you let the users under the permit know about this advisory as well.

Greely Badminton Club 2023 (Based on OCDSB Rules)