Full membership this year is $ 2.25 per session to $ 75.00 for full year.

We employ a flexible fee structure with the objective to cover the cost.

Our plan is to have a member responsive badminton club that provides activities to badminton players in Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe and the surrounding areas.

In its inaugural session, the club started to play on Tuesdays.  We have also added additional days based on demand.   Being a flexible club, we continue to develop schedules and structures.  If there is a need other days may be added.  For this year, we anticipate that we will remain with our base membership and be able to provide a needed outlet to badminton players and families in Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Findlay Creek and the surrounding areas.


Junior Club:   Depending upon interest,  there is a possibility to start Youth session.  If you have interest, please contact us.  Some youth depending upon skill level be able to join adult sessions.

Family Membership:  We offer a 'family" membership.  Family membership includes up to six persons - children, parents, cousins and grand-parents.  Under the family membership any four of six members can play at a time though each person obtains a basic membership and a family discount up to 20% be offered. 

Group Membership:  We can also discuss  a 'group" membership.  Group membership be available to a group of four friends or non-family players.   Similar to the family membership each person obtains a basic membership and a group discount be offered.   It might be suitable for a group of advanced players who are looking for an additional day(s) or place to play.